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After confronting Hugo about the rumours she’s heard, Millie quickly ends the relationship leaving Hugo with no choice but to have it out with Cheska for putting the thoughts into Millie’s head.

Proving that they don’t have feelings for each other, Spencer and Louise both go looking for dates.

Enjoying a day of rowing in Windsor, Jamie Laing and Spencer Matthews bumped into Lucy and Andy and discussed how Proudlock was continuing to lie to her about his interest in their relationship.

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Online blogger, Lucy Watson’s sister, saying that she was interested in dating Louise’s brother, Sam.

"He's not really interested in that," said Louise, pointing out that he wanted to get to know girls rather than get into a relationship at the moment.

Outside of these storylines, Proudlock's "bromances" with the other male cast members has become a popular part of the series, leading to several parodies and celebrations at End of Season episodes.

Initially being part of Spencer, Jamie and Hugo Taylor's group, he soon developed a close friendship with Francis, and moved in with him and Jamie, becoming "The Lost Boys." Upon moving out, he struck up a similarly close bond with Stevie Johnson, the two becoming known as "The Bowery Boys." The two remain housemates, though Stevie no longer features within the series and Proudlock's hiatus means his appearances are limited.

But if you have been anywhere near Instagram (or the Daily Mail) over the festive season you will notice Louise’s eyes have met personal trainer Ryan Libbey over a protein shake.

Social media has been awash with images of the couple working out together and using one another as workout equipment ever since. Millie Mackintosh Do we even need to introduce Miss Mackintosh?!

The series begins with Proudlock and Jamie caught up in Spencer's feud with Francis.

After Jamie's hotel party, Proudlock meets with Jamie and Spencer and tells him they're going to live with Francis.

Despite not joining Made in Chelsea until the second series, the charms and unconventional fashion sense of Oliver Proudlock, better known as simply Proudlock, has thrust him to the forefront of the show often throughout his tenure on the series.

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