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Algeria (Arabic: الجزائر al-Jazā’ir) is an Arab and Berber country in North Africa. It is surrounded by Morocco to the northwest, Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast, Mali to the southwest, Mauritania and Western Sahara to the west.After the secession of South Sudan from Sudan in 2011, Algeria became the largest country in Africa.

Some become victims of trafficking: men may be forced into unskilled labor and women into prostitution to repay smuggling debts.

Criminal networks of sub-Saharan nationals in southern Algeria facilitate this irregular migration by arranging transportation, forged documents, and promises of employment.

Reliable statistics on the number of potential victims are not available from the government or non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Basically you can watch our online live sex shows for free anywhere in the world if you’re connected to internet.

One NGO estimates that the populations most vulnerable to trafficking include between 10,000 and 15,000 illegal sub-Saharan African migrants. You can choose any girl from our trusted Live Sex Cams!

Algeria is a transit and, to a lesser extent, destination country for men and women subjected to trafficking in persons, specifically forced labor and forced prostitution.

Most commonly, sub-Saharan African men and women enter Algeria voluntarily but illegally, often with the assistance of smugglers, for the purpose of traveling to Europe.But in a country which is still recovering from the death of 250,000 of its citizens and soldiers in a ferocious 1990s civil war whose participants sometimes outdid Isis in their barbarity – the throat-cutting of babies was a speciality in mountain villages – the length of a president’s rule and the rights of an indigenous language aren’t quite as important as they seem. During the war, the Islamists – who morphed from being the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) into al-Qaeda – were confronted by an army and intelligence service whose use of torture was about as brutal as any in the Middle East.The smashing of teeth and fingernails was minor stuff.Their target was the Islamist assault on women’s rights and the threat of violence against women.One of their posters addressed a martyred sister, a , a famous scene shows three Algerian women -- one of them represents Ben Bouali -- in the act of donning alien European dress in order to pass freely through the French military cordon around the walled casbah. The mirror reflects a large part of the room: It is a bedroom.... They are like three actresses preparing for the stage. Only silence emphasizes the detailed rhythm of their transformation.The absent veil confounded the one unifying perception of what defines the Algerian woman, characterized by Frantz Fanon as “she who hides behind a veil.” [2] Most Algerian women did not follow Hassiba’s example; they neither discarded the veil nor placed bombs.

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