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The color you see in the bullet is reciprocated on the lips but in a sheer form.

The Rouge Caresse lipstick has a flutter of kissable, soft, colour.

Its delicate texture glides onto lips creating a veil of colour with a luminous shine.

Unfortunately, it also washes off very easily, even when I'm not eating or drinking, and especially when I'm eating or drinking. I'm a sucker for red lips and this was my very first lipstick.

Overall, it's very nice and good looking but it's very high maintenance and I probably won't be purchasing it again. It's a great lipstick if you want to moisturise your lips while adding a bit of colour, but don't expect it to stay on them.

I think this one would be flattering across complexions and being a darker shade, shows up well on pigmented lips too. Being one of the deeper shades, staying power is fairly good (about 3.5-4 hours with light staining, might need reapplication after a meal though! The Rouge Caresse formula is very light weight on the lips, has the feel of a tinted balm but with more color and better staying power.

I personally like this kind of formula for everyday wear as it gives a healthy look to the lips and the color isn’t too intense.

I have quite dark lips anyway, so it may be why it doesn't show up as vividly. I probably wouldn't buy it again, simply because I'm more of a strong lipstick kind of girl. It feels very light on the lips, but lasts only about an hour before its completely gone, not even a stain.

The smell is nice, it's a bit sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. I don't like the glitter in it and it is far too sheer.

If you’re a fan of sheer, light-weight lip colors, this post is just for you!

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