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A Covina middle school teacher who molested adolescent boys and was grooming one of his students to be a victim before he was caught has been sentenced to more than 23 years in federal prison.

John David Boyle, 52, of Glendora, a teacher and athletics coach at Royal Oak Middle School, had been targeting boys for 30 years before his arrest last June, prosecutors said. Boyle was arrested in his classroom on a weekend last year when he met someone who he thought was a fellow pedophile who wanted to watch child pornography and engage in sexual acts. “He’s a sexual predator who used his classroom to further his illicit sexual desires. he was caught in the classroom where he’d invited an undercover agent.”Boyle had victimized a young male relative and had lured a different boy, 14, through an online chat room before molesting him in a park, prosecutors said. are safer because of the sentencing,” Trutanich said.

She didnt want such a liaison to occur in her home and going to a hotel would make her feel like a hooker.

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