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All of the articles are easy-to-digest and are written for students. Online Hieroglyphics Translator Type in a phrase and see what it looks like when it’s translated to Egyptian Hieroglyphics.

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Sara Rimm-Kaufman, Ph D, and Lia Sandilos, Ph D, University of Virginia Improving students' relationships with teachers has important, positive and long-lasting implications for both students' academic and social development.

Solely improving students' relationships with their teachers will not produce gains in achievement. Jenni Barber, the mother of one of the boys, said the boys had accepted responsibility for the egging of the school, the teacher and the student, but they were worried that the "excessive" punishment would affect their futures.Professor Smallbone advised the Inquiry that a teacher at one Queensland school was arming children with sticks to protect themselves from other children who were going into the toilet to abuse children who went to the toilet."Child victims being very young are very vulnerable and so those are very difficult cases to prosecute but that's because of the innocence of the child victim generally, but it doesn't mean it's impossible."said schools had policies around students not being allowed to go into the toilet block on their own because schools had had "experiences where students on their own have been the subject of inappropriate behaviours"."A lot of the approach at the moment is very new-age and politically correct, and we need to go back to a more disciplined sense of how teachers control the classroom and how children act in the classroom."I have to differentiate (so that all of my students are able to actually understand) and teach a curriculum that is so jam-packed that it is impossible to cover everything and it is only going to get worse.It will mean that more than 200,000 heads, deputy heads, teachers and teaching assistants could strike in addition to dinner ladies, cleaners and admin staff who belong to the other unions such as Unison.Sometimes it’s hard to find a good social studies website that is focused on the topic you’re teaching… Digital Vaults View digital versions of the nation’s most important historical documents. Historical Documents Use the easy-to-read text versions of the United States’ most important documents to familiarize your students with the words that shaped the government and culture of their country. Finishing the Dream Over one hundred Civil Rights Era clips from the NBC News archive including segments like Separate is Not Equal, Buses and Boycotts, Freedom Fighters and We Shall Overcome. Zinn Education Project The Zinn Education Project website is full of free downloadable U. History resources that are organized by theme, time period and reading level. Docs Teach Thousands of historical documents from the National Archives. The Library of Congress An enormous collection of historical memories, prints, photographs, newspapers, sound recordings, films, maps, manuscripts and more. Charters of Freedom Charters of Freedom is another website that allows you to view digital versions of the nation’s most important historic documents. Picture History This collection of images from American History includes the 18 centuries. It is a collaboration between K-12 educators, collegiate instructors and educational technology specialists. Bridging World History 26 thematic world history units include videos, an audio glossary and a database of over 1,500 images and maps.However, those students who have close, positive and supportive relationships with their teachers will attain higher levels of achievement than those students with more conflict in their relationships.

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