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She produced films with her husband Dr Rajkumar, sons Shivaraj Kumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar, Puneeth Rajkumar, and her 87th film with grandson Vinay Rajkumar.

Parvathamma was much more than the wife of a superstar and had a hold over Kannadiga people and the industry in particular.

The AFP Child Protection Operations (CPO) team performs an investigative and coordination role within Australia for multijurisdictional and international online child sex exploitation matters within the online and travel and tourism environments.

in a 2010 article on Parvathamma wrote, "It is unsaid, but made very clear.

Parvathamma is at the centre of the story and Dr Rajkumar, the biggest star of Kannada cinema, unfolds strictly through her viewpoint.

All political parties who ruled Karnataka made it a point to always to listen to her.

She was the driving force behind Rajkumar’s superstardom.

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