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And how interesting that is, or perhaps it’s just absurd, given that this kind of work is some of the least respected and lowest paying work. Douglas Hines started out with what sounded like a nice idea.

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To get there, she takes us on a journey that begins with the dazzling appeal of reporting on sexbots.

Not only are sex robots “recession proof” as objects – or so says sexbot maker Douglas Hines – but the headlines sexbots (and their moralistic condemnation) can garner are no doubt providing endless thrills for analytics-obsessed journalists.

Two I have discussed are the mass unemployment coming from the 3rd industrial revolution (now beginning) and the return of past extreme weather.

Another event of the third kind might have even larger effects: the arrival of sexbots.

I didn’t recognize the screenname, but that’s not unusual. Last week I was contacted by a repeat offender from an account I recognized.

I considered briefly that it may have been from a spambot, but “mattp204” didn’t seem like a sexbot’s screenname, so I responded. So after engaging for a bit, I looked up the old conversation and pasted it, along with the new one, below.

Disturbingly, her explicit motivation for doing so appears to be that if men have the option of sexbots, they will be less likely to pursue sexual relations with women and that this amounts to ‘exploiting women’.

In most cultures, attempting to obtain sex through force is regarded as attempted rape.

Aviva Rutkin, writing for New Scientist wrote a piece last week prodding at the moral panic around sexbots and arguing that there is a substantial disparity between titillating reporting on sexbots and their actual manufacture, sale and future use.

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