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We add an output port there with the following formula.

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a) Passive Transformation b) Lookup be Connected or Unconnected. c) Use a Lookup transformation in a mapping to look up data in a flat file or a relational table, view, or synonym.

d) We can import a lookup definition from any flat file or relational database to which both the Power Center Client and Server can connect. Connected or Unconnected : In Connected Lookup port are connected to transformation in the pipeline.

The lookup source table contains employee_ID,first_name, and last_name.

You configure the following lookup condition: employee_ID = employee_number The Integration Service can return more than one row from the lookup source.

Lookups are a concept in Druid where dimension values are (optionally) replaced with new values. For the purpose of these documents, a "key" refers to a dimension value to match, and a "value" refers to its replacement. It is worth noting that lookups support use cases where keys map to unique values (injective) such as a country code and a country name, and also supports use cases where multiple IDs map to the same value, e.g. This means that if the chief account manager for a particular app-id changes, and you issue a query with a lookup to store the app-id to account manager relationship, it will return the current account manager for that app-id REGARDLESS of the time range over which you query.

multiple app-ids belonging to a single account manager. If you require data time range sensitive lookups, such a use case is not currently supported dynamically at query time, and such data belongs in the raw denormalized data for use in Druid.

These configs are accessed using JSON through the following URI template If there is no configuration change, the coordinator checks for any nodes which might be new since the last time it propagated lookups and adds all lookups for that node (assuming that node's tier has lookups).

If there are errors while trying to add or update configuration on a node, that node is temporarily skipped until the next management period.

Power Center 8 is Informatica's enterprise data integration platform that serves as the foundation for all data integration projects.

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