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The vertebrate affinities of these modest creatures were first noted in the early part of the nineteenth century.

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These genome-scale events shaped the vertebrate genome and provided additional genetic variation for exploitation during vertebrate evolution.

Lancelets, or amphioxus, are small worm-like marine animals that spend most of their lives buried in the sea floor, filter-feeding through jawless, ciliated mouths.

Here we describe the structure and gene content of the highly polymorphic 520-megabase genome of the Florida lancelet Branchiostoma floridae, and analyse it in the context of chordate evolution.

Lancelets ('amphioxus') are the modern survivors of an ancient chordate lineage, with a fossil record dating back to the Cambrian period.

These include a hollow dorsal neural tube, a notochord, a perforated pharyngeal region, a segmented body musculature (embryologically derived from somites) and a post-anal tail.

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