Radcalendar selected date not updating

I'm trying to change the dates displayed in a Rad Calendar. Header Cell Render Event Args e) protected void ra Calendar_Selection Changed(object sender, Telerik. On page load: This will get you an initial calendar load that shows 2 weeks back and 2 weeks forward and only allow the user to select inside that date.For example, I want it to begin 2 weeks before the current date and ends two weeks after the current date. I was able to change the text displayed in the cells (to display the "new" date) but the "On Click" methods still sends the "old" date. What it does not do, and I'd guess to be a separate question, is it does not execute the hiding of the dates outside the range when you page to the following month.

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My problem is that for some reason the Selection Event Args in tthe Selection Changing event only tells me the currently selected date.

How do I find the date that the users has just selected that fired the Selection Changing event?

However i need to highlight/select a daterange from code.

There is a selected Dates property, which allows you to get a List Interesting, I didn't think to use the methods hanging off the IList. Although like you, I was hoping to bind this directly to my View Model.

Please, could you try it and give me some feedback if you are able to reproduce the issue with this sample.

You could also send us a sample project in which the issue can be observed. Best wishes, George the Telerik team Do you want to have your say when we set our development plans?There seems to be a bug with the raddatepicker, when a bound property is updated, the value displayed is not updated to the correct value.I'm trying to prevent the user from entering a future date, and I can step through the property and field is setting it correctly, also, after the change is raised, it's returning the new date set in code behind, but the UI still displays the typed in date. On Day Render I added : But the calendar still thinks that the new dates are the old one, so the "Selected Date" method returns the "old" date and the date selected is not the current date. Day Render Event Args e) protected void Page_Load(object sender, Event Args e) protected void rad Calendar_Header Cell Render(object sender, Telerik. You must be aware that the format for the calendar must be 42 days, as per the design of the tool itself.Is there a way to just pass a new list of dates, which would be easier? That is why you see the blank line on top, as we are hiding those days.On the Click event handler I show the Selected Date (you can change it to Selected Value, too).

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