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he eneded up leaving with nothing happening but we had great sex that night talking about all the things that could have happened.until a few days ago they hadn't spoken but late last week she asked if she could go out with him on friday night and it would probably mean staying in a hotel, I said sure and thought nothing of it.Suddenly I was taken out of my imagination with the phone vibrating. I figured she had finished and was calling me to tell me how it was. Somehow, my sneaky wife had found a way to send me pictures without him knowing... Quietly, almost as if I were imagining things, I heard my wife gasp for air... That was the straw that broke the camels back as I came all over my hands. I heard slight movement in the backround and then suddenly his voice broke through... I is on..." With that, I heard nothing. It read "End Call." I couldn't believe that I had just heard my wife have the sweetest pleasure a man could give her.

This old friend of hers she had slept with, before me and her met, and as they had flirty txt convos every now and then he seemed like a good option.

one evening a couple of months ago he was gonna come over and watch some films with us and to get to know me, we had a couple of drinks, altho stopped early as he had driven over, we watched some films and chatted all night.

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First Cuckold Time - What I'm about to tell you all happened just over 30 hours ago but first I will give you some background on us.

we are a young couple chris (me) 25 and sarah (her) 22, we have been toying with the idea of her sleeping with someone else in the bedroom and she always ends up very wet and cumming hard so we decided to take the fantasy up a notch and have her openly state to an old friend she was in an open relationship.

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I can tell he wants me now." She had met him at his job and I could tell she was making him eager and ready for a fun night ahead. "We're heading back to his place now..." "He told me not to go into his room.... " Finally, I recieved a text "We're about to have sex..." I went straight into our bedroom and took out my cock, waiting impatiently for another text... I desperately needed to know what was going on over there...

I had such vivid pictures popping up in my brain as I began to stroke my hard cock. I heard two beeps on the phone and brought it down from my ear. They're waiting for you..." She called out, knowing I was hanging on every word. I wasn't sure if the phone had died, so I tried to listen closer... "Amazing...." She moaned as I could almost feel her squeezing her pussy around his cock.

Then I said to enjoy her evening and hope she has a "fucking" good time.

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