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The mission of the Canadian Paraplegic Association is to assist persons with spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.On May 13, 2015, the 2nd Annual Chair-Leaders “Enabling Access” event took place in Regina.

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He also required a respirator to assist his breathing for the rest of his life.

He became very involved in campaigns supporting handicapped children and paraplegics, and founded the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation in 1998 to promote research into spinal cord injuries, testifying before a Senate subcommittee in favor of federal funding for stem cell research.

Conditions that may result in such interference include physical injuries, hemorrhage, tuberculosis, tumor, and syphilis.

The loss of ability to use the legs may be accompanied by a loss of sensation in them and, in some cases, by loss of control over the bowel and bladder.

Mr Molloy has become an unlikely social media star after posting a video of a heartfelt speech aimed at a 15-year-old boy who risked his life by flying a small aircraft to check on his welfare while he worked on the boy's family property in south west Queensland.

The four minute video which was posted to Facebook on Sunday has been viewed nearly 800,000 times and was only posted after concerns for the truck drivers welfare were raised by the boys concerned father in Hebel, only kilometres from the New South Wales border.

Investigators said they found red paint on the gate that matched the paint on the car Coursey was driving.

impairment or loss of motor or sensory function in areas of the body served by the thoracic, lumbar, or sacral neurological segments owing to damage of neural elements in those parts of the spinal column.

Earlier this year she was unveiled as the star of Push Girls, a reality show which follows four wheelchair-bound women as they negotiate familiar struggles from motherhood to relationship break-ups, and now she has scored a national campaign with retail giant Nordstrom.

No limits: The stars of the reality television show, Push Girls, which follows the lives of four glamorous models and performers who, because of accident or illness, are paralysed from the neck or waist down She added: 'The photo-shoot with Nordstrom has been so amazing it’s so important that there are companies out there that see the value in using models with disabilities.

Investigators say Johnson was last seen March 14 when Coursey picked him up to go for a ride or trip to the store, leaving his wheelchair at home.

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