Dating guide for plus size women

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Social Clout: 98,628 likes, 6,773 followers URL: Bragging Rights: content for all types of curvy BBW Cupid really tackles issues facing plus-size daters from both a male and female perspective.

What’s a plus-size romantic to do in a world obsessed with skinniness?

Summer is the time to embrace bright, jewel colors and align them with your personal style.

Don’t let the common belief that “black is slimming” hold you back.

It makes me want to scream, Put the grommet gun down, remove the rhinestones, and step away from the tulle!

' " On a more serious note, she adds, "it's alarming that plus-size clothing is so limited, given that the majority of American women are plus-size.

Bragging Rights: tales of a plus-size princess in NYC Plus-Size Princess Ce Ce left her West Coast kingdom for the magical island of Manhattan, where she blogs about learning the ups and downs of New York like from a curvy girl’s perspective.

Her weekly blog entries offer cautionary tales and inspiring stories of success, as well as tips for interacting online. In that decadent playground, she blogs about fashion and fitness and, of course, finding love.

Why are we ignored at designer shops, shoved into a corner at department stores, and forced online to buy our favorite brands?

"O' Connor's frustrations are familiar to any woman north of a size 12 (which happens to be the size I wear): When it comes to plus fashion, good options do abound.

Many plus size clothing lines shy away from creativity, focusing more on dark colors and designs that fade into the background.

Our collection, however, is full of interesting cuts and colors that brighten and enliven otherwise everyday outfits.

Small splashes of color here and there will help you gain confidence.

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