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For example, when employees train with different machines and software packages, this training will be useful in future assignments.

Tell each employee going through training how important good training is to workplace flow.

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Maintaining the best learning environment in the workplace involves knowing the different types of learning and the best approach for each worker. Assign a worker to handle training assignments in the workplace.

This worker should have a broad knowledge of different learning techniques.

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Kolb’s learning cycle proposes that we all learn from our experience in a cyclical way.

People observe something happening and reflect on their observations.

roponents of Learning Styles maintain that adapting classroom teaching methods to suit students preferred style of learning improves the educative process.

However, opponents of Learning Styles theories maintain that there is little empirical evidence to support this proposition.) concluded that an adequate evaluation of the Learning Styles hypothesis requires a particular kind of study.

However, it’s not usually quite as clear-cut as this since preferences can change over time and as you are required to do different things at work and in life more generally.

However, an understanding of your preferred learning style may help you to find new ways of studying that better work for you.

The report suggested that students, having been identified (for example) as visual learners or auditory learners, should then be randomly assigned to teaching groups focusing on either visual or auditory learning strategies so that some students are matched to their preferred style, whereas others are mismatched.

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