Online dating for truck drivers

Julie is yet another extra-ordinary woman who seems to have the right mindset to give great advice to truckers and trucker wives on issues of the homes be it relationships or parenting.

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The objective: keep truckers on the road, not waiting at busy terminal gates.

The app is the third introduced at the Port of Oakland this month to shorten lines at terminal gates.

So that space in front of a truck is not meant for a car to cut in…

it is meant to help them stop and not deplete the brakes. Definitely not the blind spot, not next to the driver's door, not directly in front in case it can't stop -- those are sometimes called the ' No-Zones'.

Actually, the safest spot is behind the truck-- of course, leaving a safe distance.

Joe really wishes drivers wouldn't rush to judgment when sharing the roads with trucks.

Sometimes we all need an unbiased opinion on things. You may need just an honest evaluation of what's what. Maybe it's a little of you both, but maybe you can get advice on how to make things better.

These ladies are trucker's wives just like your wives are so they know exactly what they are going through.

It's all about finding common ground, or common roadway since we share it every day.

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