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During overhaul, it is usually possible to replace this bearing sleeve if it is badly worn.

The reverse configuration, fixing the gudgeon pin to the connecting rod instead of to the piston, is implemented using an interference fit with the small end eye instead, with the gudgeon pin journals in the piston functioning as bearings.

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I am a transplant from England, moving to Vancouver when I was 23 with vague dreams to be a pilot.

After a couple of years I moved to Ottawa for 5 years, before returning to the coast and ending up in Victoria.

_Hardy put a code on their rods to indicate when it was built. You can look it up here (thanks to Andrew Herd) ...

A gudgeon is a socket-like, cylindrical (i.e., female) fitting attached to one component to enable a pivoting or hinging connection to a second component.

A winged gudgeon is one that has extensions that increase its ability to adhere to the fixed surface.

At the beginning of the industrial revolution, winged gudgeons were used to support water wheel shafts, In engines, a gudgeon pin (UK, wrist pin US) joins the small end of a connecting rod to a piston or crosshead.

Today shutters are experiencing a comeback as protection from wind-borne debris from storms.

Architects have made use of both reclaimed historical shutter hardware as well as used stainless sailing hardware for various projects.

This arrangement is usually more difficult to manufacture and service because two bearing surfaces or inserted sleeves complicate the design.

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