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None of the housemates this series were selected to take part in Ultimate Big Brother, however, Amanda and Sam returned to the house to partake in a shopping task.In 2015, winner Brian Belo appeared as a "Time Warp" housemate in Big Brother 16 as part of "Time Warp" week.

He responds: "You only fall in love once."She also asks Harry Amelia Martin and Nick Henderson about their relationship.

Harry says that Nick's behaviour towards her has changed since the beginning, claiming that now he just "mugs her off".

Ratings for this series were at their lowest at the time, with the series averaging 3.8 million viewers.

This was the first Big Brother series to air in the UK since the highly controversial Celebrity Big Brother 5, as a result, a number of strict rules were applied to avoid a further controversy.

Channel 4’s quick action in evicting Miss Parr contrasts with its handling of last year’s Celebrity Big Brother, when the broadcaster was accused of not taking racism allegations seriously enough.

Celebrity contestant Jade Goody and other housemates were accused of addressing numerous racist remarks at Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty.

Big Brother's Charley Uchea got into a violent catfight outside London's Embassy Club at 3 am yesterday morning.

The reality TV star's hair was viciously pulled by a mystery brunette in a pink dress and she sank to the pavement looking terrified.

Charley was well-known in her season for her attitude and big fights with enemy Chanelle Hayes.

She was also false-evicted, and was sent out into a dead-silent crowd until being announced to return the same day.

Miss Parr said: “Where I come from, it’s just like a friendly term you know, making fun of people, being in a group, pally...

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