Tips for dating beautiful women

Russian women respect men who are strong, self-assertive and confident in their intentions.

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Have you asked a gorgeous girl out on a date and are still in stun that she said yes?

Men frequently put delightful ladies on a platform which can make it a test for a “normal” guy to date one.

Dating delightful girls can truly help the personality of a man.

He will be radiating with pride when he strolls down the road with this gorgeous girl by his side.

An appealing lady can likely date any man she prefers, even rich, intense men.

Because they are so appealing to guys for their beauty they often develop some back routine that may make them less alluring as long term partners.

Some aspects of western style game work well: humor, banter, and a little bit of teasing.

Ultimately, you can be much more direct than with Western women.

I find that simple expressions of interest work well.

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