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I’m heading to a couple of places this summer but the one I’m most excited for is a trip with a company called Beyond Adventure to an uninhabited island in the Swedish Archipelago ( I’ll write a blog post on it as soon as I am back!) and it reminded me of the first trip […] Read More It is a well known fact that women are drawn to men that are blatant players or bad boys as oppose to the type of men that usually end up well and truly in our friend zone.To run a dating agency that works you need the right training.

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“We want an intern who is open minded, has a great personality, is out to enjoy life and is happy to check out the great variety of nightlife and cool events going on in London.

“Using our app will be a brilliant way to both explore London, meet new people and gain work experience all in one.” And if the intern, who will be paid the London living wage, finds someone they like through the Clikd app, the London startup will send the pair on a trip to a music festival.

Why does it seem like every relationship/dating attempt I make will end in nothing, but a disaster and a complete waste of time?

When I realised that I couldn’t answer that question, no matter how hard I tried, I decided to change my perspective on dating – or maybe I just gave up…

Matchmaking is one of the oldest professions in the world and is recognised the world over.

Many cultures and countries have matchmakers in their inner circle who are approached by families to ensure the right introductions are made.

What’s more, it’s open until 11pm seven days a week.

If you’re disciplined enough to set foot in a bar without ordering a boozy cocktail, then here are a few of our favourite dry bars in London, and bars with quality non-alcoholic cocktail menus for you to peruse.

In the UK and USA matchmakers are being employed by time poor professionals who are too busy to spend the many hours needed on the internet to meet a match.

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