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Go ahead and sign up now to get your free 30 day G-Wizard trial: Basic Concepts for Beginners: You gotta start somewhere! Calculating Feeds and Speeds: How do you calculate your feeds and speeds?

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There is a lot here in terms of tips and techniques that go beyond straight up feeds and speeds too!

To begin with, there are several different goals we might be trying to optimize for: You'll need to decide what your priorities are among these three, as different techniques emphasize each goal and you can't necessarily get great surface finish, maximum material removal rates, and the best tool life all at once.

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Most CNC lathes have CSS to counteract that natural decrease, which speeds up the spindle as the tool plunges in. Arrows show the vectors of various velocities collectively known as speeds and feeds.

The circular arrow represents the angular velocity of the spindle (rev/min), called the "spindle speed" by machinists.

(typically mm/rev or inch/rev for lathe work; sometimes measured as mm/min or inch/min).

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