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In this case, removing files from existing archive will result in the need of re-compressing the whole file, which may be cumbersome: this does not prevent the ability to edit the archive content, but it makes the operation slower if large block size is used. At current level of development of Pea Zip files/folders are added to the archive's root level; this limitation can be avoided i.e.

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There is no indicator whether data has been compressed with RAR or RAR 5 so that it is likely that at least some users will run into issues when they try to open these new formats.

RAR 5.0 is not auto-selected though when you create archives in Win RAR so that only some users will experience those issues.

What this means is that Win RAR 5.0 users have the option to create standard RAR archives but also archives that make use of the new compression algorithm. Because third party programs may not support the new format right when it comes out.

Example: you are compressing files with the new RAR 5.0 format and transfer them to a friend's computer.

If using an older version of PHP, make sure to upgrade PHP before upgrading Process Maker.

This guide can also be used if planning to upgrade Process Maker from a Community to an Enterprise edition.Selain itu ukuran file yang telah kalian kompres akan menjadi lebih ringan, misalnya ukuran kumpulan data yang ingin kalian kompres adalah 1 MB, setelah dikompres menjadi file RAR bisa menjadi 200 KB saja. The structure of the databases and the file locations may be changed from one version of Process Maker to the next, so do NOT try to use data from one version of Process Maker in a different version of Process Maker, without first following the upgrade procedure.The friend uses an older version of Win RAR or a third party program like 7-Zip.The files cannot be unpacked as a result on the friend's system as the new format is not supported by the programs that the friend has available on the PC.7-Zip users who try to extract a RAR 5 archive will receive the error message that it can not open the file as an archive which may lead to the conclusion that the archive is corrupt if they do not know about RAR 5.Don't forget that a license is required in order to use the Enterprise Edition.

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