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- "Yeshivish" singles can sign up with one of 5 full-time matchmakers who work exclusively with daters in their mid-twenties on up.

Aishes Lapides also offers mentoring, counseling, and other services.

I regret tremendously not having this gift, and I have cried about it enough already.

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- A matchmaking service for Chabad singles that gives them access to experienced Chabad matchmakers throughout the world.

Matchmakers access members' profiles to find and suggest potential matches, and members can also search the data base to see limited information about members, excluding photos, names, and contact details.

And it is an exaggeration to say that it happened overnight. People may sincerely believe that their spouse is placing obstacles in their way.

If it seems that way to you, it’s because you weren’t paying attention, you weren’t listening, you weren’t expressing true interest in your spouse’s life. Yet here it would be helpful to recognize that there are many mitzvot that can be done without your spouse’s assistance -- starting with saying blessings, praying, putting on tefillin.

Dear Rosie & Sherry, For several years, I was involved in a serious relationship.

Now recently, I have begun dating for marriage and found out that many guys do not want to date me because of my previous intimate experience.

We may take classes and read books, all in an effort at self-improvement.

Some of us find our way to the wisdom of the Torah and the tools for growth it promotes.

We thus begin a deep and profound journey, a truly life-changing one.

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