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English (Advance version)Word PDF (full version - 6.8 MB)Chapter I and II - Intro, mandate, methodology and legal framework Chapter III - Historical background Chapter IV - Current context Chapter V - Institutional and domestic legal framework Chapter VI - Findings of the Commission Chapter VII - Conclusions and recommendations Annexes For further information about the Commission of Inquiry, please contact: Ron Redmond: [email protected] Gómez: 41 , [email protected]édric Sapey: 41 , [email protected] images of Sawa, Wi’a and Mai Serwa provided by the United Nations Institute for Training and Research’s Operational Satellite Applications Programme UNOSAT -­ 3 June 2015 Download complete set as a PDF or click images below for individual PNG files.

Drawings provided to the Commission of Inquiry by an Eritrean torture survivor and published with permission of the artist.

The region was invaded not only by Egypt, but also by the Turkey and Italy.

Italy lost the colony to the British in 1941 and after World War II, the United Nations made Eritrea an autonomous region of Ethiopia. The following year, under Emperor Haile Selassie, Eritrea was annexed and not only was its flag discarded, but the people were forced to speak Amharic, the official language of Ethiopia.

I must stress, Eritreans are not mixed, these are just a few photos of Eritreans in the diaspora (US, UK, Canada, and Europe) who have mixed.

Ever wondered what a kind of a mix an Eritrean and say a Japanese would make? We have a few collection of photos below showcasing mixed Eritreans.

On August 31, 2015, Aminé released his second mixtape, Calling Brío.

On March 9, 2016, Aminé released his debut single, called "Caroline".

Download complete set as a Word document or click image below for individual files.

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