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Now, 30 years later, Jones is still speaking his mind, only this time as a trailblazer at the confluence of the avant-garde and commercial theater.

You cannot miss his presence: His company will be performing in Arizona, California, North Carolina, Virginia, and New York this spring, while "FELA!

Although the measure still needs at least six more votes, a tally that must include some Republican senators, advocates feel optimistic about taking another vote by June because of polling, leadership from Gov.

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Indiana-born, everywhere-based singer-songwriter Peter Oren has announced his sophomore album, Anthropocene, will arrive November 10 on Western Vinyl, premiering the title-track, first singe today CLASH – share via Soundcloud....

(more...)Derrick "Duckie" Simpson the "Gong Gong Gullie" is the founder and leader for reggae's BLACK UHURU.

“I’ve been entrusted with so much.”It’s easy to see why his longtime collaborator and companion Bjorn G.

Amelan would describe the Lincoln piece, “Fondly Do We Hope ...

Fervently Do We Pray,” which will have its premiere on Sept.

17 and then embark on a lengthy tour, as weighing more heavily on Mr. And he has created it during a remarkable time, when the United States has been in the throes of another historic campaign and presidency, two wars and an economic collapse: all echoes keenly felt by Mr.

Even if he has a lot of homo's in his church, they need to be saved too!

If we've gotten to the point where we believe that God can save a person from anything but that, then what kind of gospel are we preaching??

Two men are dancing on stage, the small, tightly coiled white man darting around the 6-foot-1 black man who projects an elegant, riveting charisma.

The year is 1981; they have been performing together for eight years.

Jones at first declined because his company doesn’t take on projects with mandated themes.

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