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The following additional words and terms, when used within these regulations, shall have the following meaning unless the context clearly indicates otherwise or an alternate definition has been given: "" means the processing by a pharmacy of a request from another pharmacy to fill or refill a prescription drug order or to perform processing functions such as dispensing, DUR, claims adjudication, refill authorizations, and therapeutic interventions."" means the art of the extemporaneous preparation and manipulation of drugs as a result of a practitioner's prescription order or initiative based on the practitioner-patient-pharmacist relationship in the course of professional practice, including the preparation of drugs in anticipation of drug orders based on routine, regularly observed prescribing patterns.

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The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) in Scotland recently held a number of career speed dating events.

"" means to furnish or deliver a drug to an ultimate user by or pursuant to the lawful order of a practitioner; including the preparation, packaging, labeling or compounding necessary to prepare the drug for that delivery.

"" means an oral communication process between a pharmacist, or a registered intern or a pharmacy student working under the direct supervision of a pharmacist, and a patient, in which the pharmacist obtains information from the patient and the patient’s pharmacy records, assesses that information and provides the patient with professional advice regarding the safe and effective use of the prescription drug for the purpose of assuring therapeutic appropriateness.

This reporting exemption, then, only applies in practical terms to physicians or other health care providers who are permitted by federal law to provide samples to patients. Q: How must controlled substances maintained in a practitioner’s office (as opposed to a pharmacy) for dispensing or administration be stored?

A: The federal Controlled Substances Act and regulations provide that all controlled substances maintained in a practitioner’s office (as opposed to a pharmacy) for dispensing or administration should be stored in a locked cabinet or other secure storage container with limited access by the office staff.

"" means information which increases the patient's ability to minimize the risks and enhance the benefits of drug use.

The type of information the pharmacist should consider is contained in the latest edition of USP DI "Advice for the Patient." "" means the lawful written or verbal order of a practitioner for a drug, but does not include an order for medication which is dispensed for immediate administration to the ultimate user, (e.g., an order to dispense a drug to a bed patient for immediate administration in a hospital is not a prescription.) "" means the preparation of a paper document containing all the information required for a written prescription including the State requirement for drug product selection; For a refill authorization, it may be handled as a new prescription as in above, or by placing on the original prescription or the patient profile (whichever document is consistently used to document refills) the date, a statement "O. for 'x' number of additional refills", or words of similar import, and the pharmacist's initials.

It struck me that the simple act of taking time to just talk to and listen to other professionals’ views and experiences could benefit one’s own practice.

It is easy for us as professionals to work in blissful isolation, but events like this evening’s career networking event are so useful to broaden your professional outlook.

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