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As sad as it may be to think about our favorite stars on their deathbed, their final words are not only extremely intriguing and probably very tragic, but can also be quite inspiring.How interesting would it be to know what the world’s most famous people were thinking or saying before they passed away? The legendary singer Frank Sinatra died when he was 82 years old of a heart attack.But without unearthing the chequered romantic histories of Hollywood's finest every once in a while, you'll never hear the hilarious stories of Colin Farrell mailing Britney Spears offensive T-shirts, or the time Charlie Sheen allegedly shot Kelly Preston.

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John Hurt, the wiry English actor who played a drug addict in “Midnight Express,” Kane in “Alien,” the title character in “The Elephant Man,” and Winston Smith in “1984,” died on Jan.

There's such a rapid turnover of celebrity gossip in modern tabloid media that sometimes A-list couples can slip between the cracks.

That was the case when Prince debuted 1999 in October and MJ quickly followed suit with "Thriller".

The two late stars stayed quiet at the time, so not much more is known about why they butted heads, but according to "Rolling Stone" editor and Jackson biographer Steve Knopper, that silence was intentional.

I caught up with him over the phone at his home in Maine to find out how he was inspired to write Vincent and how he felt about its huge impact.

“In the autumn of 1970 I had a job singing in the school system, playing my guitar in classrooms,” he says.In 2015, a 50-year-old Griffin revealed he was finally 3 1/2 years sober, but he was not in touch with his father, who was arrested in 2007 for allegedly assaulting Griffin with a deadly weapon. Griffin O’Neal An argument between the "Love Story" star and his 18-year-old son — who was just starting his own acting career — turned physical one day in May at the home of Farah ... Penthouse In 1983, Williams was on top of the world as the first black Miss America.But her life came crumbling down the following year when softcore magazine Penthouse announced it’d be publishing scandalous photos from her past.Released on the classic 1971 album American Pie, Vincent became a No1 hit in the UK in 1972 and has gone on to influence an extraordinary range of musicians, covered by everyone from metal punks NOFX to Dame Julie Andrews to Rick Astley.Irish crooner Brian Kennedy sang it at George Best’s funeral and gangsta rapper Tupac Shakur loved it so much that, after he was fatally wounded in a drive-by shooting in 1996, his girlfriend slipped it into the tape deck beside his hospital bed to ensure it was the last thing he heard. American Pie was perhaps the high point of his career, but Mc Lean is still going strong at 64, with a new album out in April and a tour of the UK beginning in May.“I think both of those guys had an interest in keeping it somewhat mysterious because they are both mysterious dudes,” he told Esquire.

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