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If you want to support URL re-writing also, the links in your HTML documents should be modified using the response.encode URL() method.

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In this port of Playing with Session in Java, we will explore some of the concepts of session and try to understand what session is: What is session? * In java servlets, HTTP sessions are tracked using two mechanisms, HTTP cookie (the most commonly used) or URL rewriting (to support browser without cookies or with disabled cookies).

Session is a concept that is use to maintain connection between client and server. Using only cookies is simple, you don’t have to do anything special.

As I explained earlier in your scenario it's not going to work, after redirect there won't be any attribute named login Msg in request object.

Please see the updated sample or you can change your line to In the loginpage get the username and password like Parameter("fieldname"); and set the values in session parameters like Attribute("fieldname"); Get the values in logout servlet and remove by session.invalidate method.

We learned that this error sometimes happens under special circumstances when updating selected data, such as when using a SELECT for an UPDATE. The strange thing is that we're getting this error only when reading data from a cursor, without any updates on the cursor data.

The error occurs when executing a rollback to a savepoint statement: create table test (a integer); insert into test values (1); create table test2 (b integer); insert into test2 values (11); declare cursor c is select * from test; begin update test2 set b = 22; savepoint my_savepoint; for x in c loop -- do some work, but if we -- hit an error then: rollback to savepoint my_savepoint; end loop; end; / Our logic is complex; we are processing a result set, and in the loop we have other processing.

The solution to your coding dilemma is to open the cursor before the savepoint, as in the following: declare 2 cursor c is select * from test; 3 l_rec test%rowtype; 4 begin 5 update test2 set b = 22; 6 open c; 7 savepoint my_savepoint; 8 loop 9 fetch c into l_rec; 10 exit when c%notfound; 11 rollback to 12 savepoint my_savepoint; 13 end loop; 14 end; 15 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed. The result set pointed to by cursor C is consistent with respect to a point in time prior to the savepoint, so rolling back to the savepoint will not affect that cursor at all.

Hello, In your page you are using Attribute("login Msg");.

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All we need is to create spring security authentication related changes to get it working. Granted Authority; import org.springframework.authority. Simple Granted Authority; import org.springframework.userdetails. User Details; import org.springframework.userdetails. User Details Service; import org.springframework.userdetails. Username Not Found Exception; public class App User Details Service DAO implements User Details Service that can have other user data also, such as email ID, user name, address etc. This is the default login processing URL, just like the logout-url.

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