Nicki minaj dating nas

During the conversation, it didn’t take long for De Generes to get Minaj to open up about her relationship with Nas, to which the “No Frauds” artist admitted the two have had a “sleepover” or two. I like Nas being lowkey.” Although Nicki maintain she’s practicing celibacy, she said she may change her mind for Nas.

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Minaj stopped by The Ellen De Generes Show on Tuesday (May 23) to catch up on things.

Nas has eyes for Nicki Minaj and she's not saying no, reports say.

When 'sh ETHER' was taken off the airwaves, rumors abounded that Nas was angry Remy Ma hadn't ask permission to use his 'ETHER' beat.

"He's the King of Queens, and I like to think I'm the Queen of Queens," she said.

"He's a rap legend, so let's just say I have a lot of respect for him, and he's kind of cute too." She also explained that although she wanted to remain celibate for a year because she "hates men," she might just have to make an exception to the rule for the dope King of Queens. Watch the hilarious exchange between Nic and Ellen below.Last week, Nicki Minaj stopped by Ellen De Generes and the two chatted about a host of things including her revealing outfit at a Paris fashion show, as well as helping some of her fans pay their school tuition. Nas is a king in rap royalty and Nas does not need to have a girlfriend who still sweats the red carpet.The daytime talk show host questioned Nicki about her revealing outfit at a Paris fashion show in which she wore a metal pasty over her left breast.While looking at the photo De Generes noticed that those sitting next to Nicki did their best to not pay attention to the obvious.Nicki posted the pic to her Instagram annotated with the caption, “Only KINGS recognize QUEENS,” before gloating about how great the food at Sweet Chick is. It also appears that the rumored couple are rocking identical medallions around their necks.

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