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The life of the US-born son of a Pakistani poet-diplomat and an American mother was a heady cocktail of drugs, sex and money.The man who frequented the world's largest drug zone, the Golden Crescent in the Af-Pak region, as a drug pusher in the 1980s was later involved in its second biggest export: Terrorism.'Headley has expressed hatred towards India'American-born Lashker-e-Tayiba operative David Headley, accused of plotting the Mumbai terror attack in 2008, had 'hatred' towards India and warned that he would stop helping the probe if his admission of guilt was linked to cooperation with New Delhi.

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"He establishes the complicity of the Pakistan Army and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) and also indicts Lashkar-e-Toiba (Le T) supremo Hafiz Muhammad Saeed," he says.

Pakistani courts let Saeed off in 2009 for insufficient evidence.

NIA's unanswered questions on David Headley'We will continue to probe the Fahim Ansari angle since there is one stark similarity between him and Headley.

Both men were in touch with the man called Sajid Mir.'Headley got in trouble because of his kids!

He established influence of the Liberian Government in the hinterland north-west of the Saint Paul River, beyond his home-town of Clay-Ashland.

However, notably during his second term a growing number of Americo-Liberian fellow citizens disagreed with his interior policy.

Headley's wife's good friend speaks out In an interview with Rediff.com's , George Alexander Mapp, a friend of Faiza Outalha, estranged wife of Lashkar-e-Tayiba terrorist David Coleman Headley, talks about his relationship with Faiza, his ordeal with the NIA and what he thinks about the Headley case.

Headley example of counter-terror cooperation: USThe United States has put the case of David Coleman Headley, Mumbai terror attack suspect now languishing in a Chicago jail, as one of the key counter-terrorism cases on information sharing with its partners.

Headley is wanted not only for his role in plotting the 26/11 attack but also for planning a strike at the National Defence University in Delhi that trains senior armed forces officers and bureaucrats as well as at tourist spots in Pune and Goa in March 2009.

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