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This juxtaposition can be disconcerting initially, but on a deeper level, the modern basically represents a continuation of the ancient, only in much different forms.

Japanese tradition runs strong, so the values and beliefs that inspired the creation of an ancient temple in essence are very similar to those that sparked the nearby skyscraper—and in this sense, the structures can be viewed as manifestations of a continuous cultural tradition.

The gardens are created using a specific landscaping method that show Japan’s four distinctive seasons.” Many of the gardens are stunningly gorgeous and fascinating, while the temples are magnificent and intriguing.

These places appeal not only to connoisseurs of Japanese culture, but also to casual visitors.

My personality is loyal and gentle whilst at the same time I have determination and opinion. more about Evgeniya from Kramatorsk Would say that nothing can ever stop me on my way.

Do not look for easy roads, enjoy what life brings and always look for happiness wherever I am. more about Svetlana from Odessa Have you ever felt the desire to run away from all businesses and problems towards your own happiness?Ise-Shima's popularly is reinforced by its mild climate and its location, only about two hours by train from both Nagoya and Osaka.(Note that the shima in Ise-Shima does not mean "island.") Ise Jingu in Ise City is Japan's most sacred Shinto shrine dating back to the 3rd century.Many groups seek to understand the traditional by visiting Japan’s gardens, temples and shrines.“They reflect the Japanese sense of beauty,” says Nori Akashi, public relations manager for the Japan National Tourism Organization’s New York office.Girls in China, Vietnam, and the rest of Asia grow up in a culture that still places an enormous amount of importance on being a good wife.

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