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To accomplish our mission and maintain the strong community we have developed, CEA families must share these beliefs.The CEA application includes a more detailed description of these beliefs and families applying for acceptance in CEA will be asked to affirm their agreement with them.

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The bottom line is that it's entirely about marketing and sales.

If you've ever taken a sales class you're going to recognize a lot of what I'm going to say.

It baffled me that many Christians were not analyzing the statistics of marital carnage, but were still blindly embracing the worlds dating model as their only transportation to the altar.

I felt it was time we determined the defects, fixed the flaws, and finally presented a refurbished vehicle for furthering a relationship. Some people will defensively declare, Well, we dated!

The fact that everyone around me had followed the dating pattern was by no means proof of its success.

This is hopeless, my mind concluded after a local pastor hooked up with a deacons wife.

However, I have yet to meet a modern couple who followed ordinary dating without any regrets.

I am aware that exceptions exist, but most couples have crossed that solid yellow line, a visible boundary, and just happened not to crash.

If you haven't almost all of the core concepts that your finance club or career center taught you about the job search apply here.

Since I don't have all day to hang around on the forums I'll condense it down to the main lessons I've learned and add story as necessary later.

They're in this order for a reason as I recommend learning the concepts in that order.

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