Who is keanu reeves dating now 2016

Examples include super studly Marco Dapper from Ultimately, even if Reeves is dating someone transgender, it doesn’t mean that he is “gay” or even “bi”.

The reason is simply because sexual orientation and gender identification are two different constructs.

According to an unnamed source quoted in the Star, “They’re definitely smitten” [with one another].

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"Here is the truth: In my obit, it will say that I wrote it.

, released at the same time, made an even slighter £25 in box office takings.

The drama surrounding a philanthropist attempting to relive past loves by interfering in the lives of newlyweds also boasted the likes of Dakota Fanning, Cheryl Hines, and Theo James in its cast.

We're not talking about logic within movies (like the amazing Pixar theory, or the fan theory that Draco Malfoy is a werewolf) – these are the mad speculations about things that happened in the real world of the movies, to actual stars. which was partially set on the moon, but some people believe he was hired to fake the actual moon landing in 1969 in order to win the space race.

There doesn't seem to be much (any) evidence for this, though rumour has it he was either bribed or blackmailed by NASA.

We will say, however, that when most people hear the latest Keanu Reeves rumor, they automatically think “gay”. Since the start of this ridiculously hot celeb’s film career, questions have been asked about his sexual orientation.

Thankfully, well known trans-celebs like Caitlyn Jenner are educating the public on these important differences.

The boots, incongruous in our plush surroundings, are no pose, but a symbol of Reeves’s ‘vagabond’ spirit.

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