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As Bible-believing Christians, we insist that everything we do be based on the Bible. What words will best serve your wife when you walk through the door? No: one of the greatest gifts each of us has received from our creator—and for which we will one day give account—is our minds.And yet I’ll bet that of the decisions you made today, 99 percent of them were not direct applications of Scripture, but were pragmatic in nature. “Pragmatism” can refer to an anti-supernatural philosophy, but it can also be just another word for “wise judgment,” which is commended in Scripture in the strongest terms.

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They now and then make a spasmodic effort to throw off a nightmare debt of some years' accumulation, and then sink back into unconscious repose.

Adoniram Judson link Chairs sit Thank you all for your kind wishes during my recent serious setback due to my fairly new diagnosis. are finally taking hold and I am starting to feel better and less tired.

The "dawning of love" in the courtship of Charles and Susannah is the theme of today's weekly dose of Susannah Spurgeon.

The excerpts below raises some interesting questions about the way we initiate relationships today.

Without a foundation, we have no basis to make decisions and live our lives.

We will be, as the title of one book suggests, like the relativist with our : The process of engaging in relationships with the opposite sex for mutual enjoyment, without parental involvement, with the hope that a suitable marriage partner will one day be found. 1) Children have survived broken families, but we don’t commend them. You are strategically placed to impact the generations.

On the 10th June 1854, a large party of friends including the young preacher and Susannah gathered at the opening of the Crystal Palace in Sydenham.

Here is Susannah's recalling of that time: As we sat there talking, laughing and amusing ourselves as best we could, while waiting for the procession to pass by, Mr Spurgeon handed me a book into which he had been occasionally dipping, and, pointing to some particular lines said, "What do you think of the poet's suggestion in those verses?

And with poor judgment, it is quite possible to root what we do in the Scriptures and still fail to serve God well.

If we decide that to be biblical means we must never be pragmatic, we are essentially rejecting the role of wisdom in the Christian life.

" The volume was Martin Tupper's Seek a good wife of thy God, for she is the best gift of His providence; Yet ask not in bold confidence that which he hath not promised: Thou knowest not his good will; be thy prayer then submissive there unto; And leave thy petition to Hismercy assured that He will deal well with thee.

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