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When it comes to monitoring their child’s digital use and interactions, parents tend to take a hands-on approach to monitoring what their children do: In addition, nearly half (48%) of parents know the password to their teen’s email account, while 43% know the password to their teen’s cellphone and 35% know the password to at least one of their teen’s social media accounts.

But even as parents use a number of these hands-on methods to monitor their teen, they are relatively less likely to use technology-based tools to monitor, block or track their teen.

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It has been a few weeks since we last competed and we do not want to get rusty.

This is another perfect opportunity for you to join in and get your feet wet on CTFs if you have never participated before. However, if you wish to join in with the HTS Team we will provide you with the necessary details to be sure we can all stay together. While we primarily use IRC to communicate we do have a discord server available for voice comms.

This year's committee named 21 new spots to the list—so get your passports ready.

Across the river from Xiamen, the island of Kulangsu was originally established as an international settlement in 1903 to host foreigners.

Moreover, digital technology has become so central to teens’ lives that a significant share of parents now employ a new tool to enforce family rules: “digitally grounding” misbehaving kids.

Some 65% of parents have taken their teen’s cellphone or internet privileges away as a punishment.The island's diverse influences show in the varied architecture, which combines Traditional Southern Fujian, Western Classical Revival, and Veranda Colonial styles, according to UNESCO.Spanning the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park, where South Africa meets Botswana and Namibia, this UNESCO Heritage Site recognizes the culture and ancestral lands of the Khomani San people, who have survived the harsh desert environment dating back nearly 70,000 years.For several hours hours today, the Hack This Site staff collaborated together to plan some upcoming big changes for the site.We solidified some major decisions on direction and technology, assigned responsibilities, and planned deliverables. Any HTS user can tell you that many parts of the site are broken, and any staffer can tell you it's because the code is atrocious.The guys are hot, mostly straight and most have great bodies; the action is a mix of solo and hardcore.

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