Tibet coin dating

Because of the relatively low value of the coin and the high level of commerce a LOT of the coins were issued during that period.(Think of doing all your transactions with only pennies!

The gold content of naturally occurring electrum in modern Western Anatolia ranges from 70% to 90%, in contrast to the 45–55% of gold in electrum used in ancient Lydian coinage of the same geographical area.

This suggests that one reason for the invention of coinage in that area was to increase the profits from seigniorage by issuing currency with a lower gold content than the commonly circulating metal.

The 1/10 Penny is a 20.5mm copper-nickel coin with a large center hole.

The hole is supposedly to make it easy for natives without pockets to carry coins on a string.

The coins of this period were punch-marked coins called Puranas, Karshapanas or Pana.

Several of these coins had a single symbol, for example, Saurashtra had a humped bull, and Dakshin Panchala had a Swastika, others, like Magadha, had several symbols.

French Somaliland was a French colony at the mouth of the Red Sea. In 1977 it became the independent nation of Djibouti.

The territory was an important refueling and transshipment port and is the home of important military bases due to its strategic location.

The Tang Dynasty was a brilliant period in Chinese history. The K'ai Yuan coin continued to be issued for the next 300 years, until the collapse of the Dynasty in 907AD.

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