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So instead, he's posting all those goofy spy photos on Tumblr along with commentary for each image.The laptop has captured everything from a Jenga game to a snack at the coffee table.

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Deltorto's laptop now appears to be a resident of Tehran, Iran, over 3,000 miles away from the comforts of home.

Instead of crying itself to sleep, the Mac Book is now apparently acting as a super-spy, sending back images of the woman who uses it, along with shots of her family and friends, music preferences, and sightseeing photos. Here's hoping it's not just a publicity stunt for the app.

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The Indo-Iranian languages are thought to have originated in Central Asia.

The Andronovo culture is the suggested candidate for the common Indo-Iranian culture ca. It was situated precisely in the western part of Central Asia that borders present-day Russia (and present-day Kazakhstan).

All that money, time, and personal data just disappear into the night.

This is the Tumblr story of a boy and his stolen laptop. In early February, he says, someone broke into his flat and made off with his Mac Book Pro and his i Pad. He had installed Hidden App on his laptop, a program that tracks the laptop's location and sends back images of the thief.

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