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Trident Media Radio (formally known as Crush Radio, Campus Radio Hatfield [CRH] CRUSH and more recently, Crush 1278) is the student radio station of the University of Hertfordshire, England. In April 2013 Crush Radio won the award of "Best Media Committee" at the Student Recognition Evening held at the Hertfordshire Forum, meaning the Crush Radio Committee have now won the prestigious award 3 years in a row.

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Even with the perfect setup it is still up to the user to determine whether they will go with a pay as you go plane (if supported) or a simple season by season plan.

There are many options to choose, and in cases where the signal is weak, a signal booster can be purchased to alleviate some of the weight from the trail camera.

Solar panel accessories are also available for some devices, allowing for extended use for months and even up to a year without maintenance.

With extendable options on many devices, the choice comes down to how much work the user wants to do upfront to make sure that their camera is functioning 100% from day 1.

Hunters go to extreme lengths to minimize this problem, leaving them out for many weeks at a time, only pulling SD cards in the rain, and carefully designing visitation routes to avoid spoiling the area.

Wireless and cellular trail cameras offer the opportunity to avoid those potential pitfalls by utilizing today’s amazing wireless technologies.

One of the biggest problems with regular trail cameras is the need to physically visit each camera to pull the SD cards and see your photos.

You risk alerting animals in the area with your scent every time you visit the camera.

As Crush became more accessible, via the internet, the name was changed again to Crush Radio.

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