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Cisco says it could amass some 50 billion devices by 2020.

Along the way, a great many of those products will have poor software and lax security.

Arboretum director Richard Olsen worked with the American Eagle Foundation and other groups to bring the live webcam images of America’s national bird to millions of viewers around the world.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for the National Arboretum, the U. Department of Agriculture and our partners," Olsen said, "because here we are in an urban area and we can actually have an eagle nest that is accessible. So to be able to witness a pair of lifelong mates make a nest, have offspring and care for them in a natural setting such as the arboretum is a rare treat, Olsen said. They help biologists learn more about eagle behavior and educate the public.

But with web security cameras, the cheaper price tags aren't necessarily about good products getting less expensive over time.

It’s really about the rise of cheap webcams flooding the market.That's a big business that’s only getting bigger.According to Gartner, the Internet of Things — a collection of everything from Internet-connected cars to webcams — included nearly 5 billion gadgets last year.The fruit bats you will see have been rescued from the exotic pet trade, research, and retired from zoos.Many of these bats have had terrible lives before finding sanctuary with us.Night time footage will be in night vision, which makes the bats’ eyes and other objects glow.

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