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Joaquin Phoenix plays Leonard, a charismatic but troubled young man who moves back into his childhood home following a recent heartbreak.

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The rumored fireworks between Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom still appear to be going strong.

The "Roar" singer and the "Pirates of the Caribbean" actor hung out once again last week at a one-man play in Los Angeles — reigniting speculation that the two stars are romantically involved.

The complication is that Weiss is a high-functioning drug addict who snorts cocaine, which, at least when we first see him, gives Weiss an edge in court.

As the case progresses in fits and starts, Weiss’ drug use catches up with him — his personal life falls apart and he becomes progressively less reliable as a lawyer.

A few days later the duo met up to watch in Culver City, and posed for a selfie with the show's star, James Lecence, actress Vinessa Shaw and her fiancé.

Both Orlando and Katy are no stranger to high profile relationships.They say they were knocked to the ground and suffered severe injuries.Good news for Vinessa -- she can probably fix this ... Katy was previously married to comedian Russell Brand and was in an on-off relationship with John Mayer since 2012.Meanwhile Orlando was married to Miranda Kerr until 2013, with whom he had his son Flynn, five.Opening this Friday, in limited release, is director James Gray’s new movie “Two Lovers”.

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