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When setting a date, without specifying the time zone, Java Script will use the browser's time zone.

When getting a date, without specifying the time zone, the result is converted to the browser's time zone.

Folks on the forum may (rightfully) suggest looking at other PDI Steps to help with date validation before trying Java Script Step.

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onclientclick event of button i need to validate the textbox value ( mm/dd/yyyy format) should be less than or equal to Current Date using Javascript.

validation using javascript when press on enter button.

* in the expanded folder, expand each set of functions for data types you're using (e.g.

expanding Date Functions) * right click each function and select 'Sample' * PDI will open a hidden script sample that shows some example code Screenshot of this stuff in Java Script Step: 2016-07-25_13-21-06Some more follow-up questions: * What is the data type of your input?

I want to have a text box on a page that the user can enter any date in MM/DD/YYYY format and then upon submit it would take then to another page that would tell them how many days till Christmas is.

How can I get what the user enter as the date to the second page as the current date? var Today=new Date("July 30, 2009"); var This Day=Date(); var This Month=Month() 1; var This Year=Full Year(); var Days Left=Xmas Days(Today); var Month Name=Month Txt(This Month); document.write("Today is " Month Name " " This Day " Hi, Thanks for ur approach,thats working fine.

If it is, it then gets each date part and then tests that it is actually a real date.

For example, 41/01/2001 is not a real date, despite it being in the correct format.

Thanks Sriniavs Hi Srinivas , Validating date in javascript is not a straightforward job specially when you have a different date format than compared with that of javascript . can u plz tell me wht to do if my textbox date value is in the form dd-MM-yyyy. Actually i m getting the value in textbox from datepicker.

plz check out the following thread which deal with the same scenario of date validation using javascript :- have a similar problem. actually i had tried the code for same but it's not working..... And the date the date picker provide is in the form of dd/MM/yyyy i.e 23/3/2010.

Is it a string/text column you wish to validate matches that pattern? Do you wish to make it a string/text for output, do you wish to make it a Date format?

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