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It’s a part of life that the Internet has actually made simpler and faster.

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For this Az DGDating review we’ll be using the Admin Panel demo from the official site of the company.

Today I want to introduce the admin panel of Chameleon and write a new community script review about it and show you the features and abilities of the admin ...

One player uses a finger to draw on his phone's touchscreen and the picture appears, with a little lag time, on the TV screen.

A guess screen appears on the phones of the other players to allow them to guess what the first person is drawing.

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Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations and misspelled domain names like Dr Bizarro, Doctor Bizarro, Dr-Bizzaro, drbizarre, etc.

| By: irishcoder | May 23, 2010 I would like to share my first impressions on Chameleon.

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