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I have supplied a photo of the Jubilee Clock, below, situated on a pedestrian island at the junction of Station and Craven Park Roads and the High Street; in the background may be seen the twin towers of another local landmark, All Souls Parish Anglican Church.This notable structure dates from 1879; it emerged as a parish church following mission services which had been held at Harlesden Institute since 1858.

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Although the title of this article says 'London', yet in fact when Harlesden's Jubilee Clock was built in 1888, Harlesden was a Middlesex (1) village to the north-west of London.

With the expansion of the railroads — not least, to nearby Willesden Juction Station — and with large scale Irish and Commonwealth immigration in the 20th century, Harlesden became absorbed into the Metropolis, and is today part of the London Borough of Brent. An article dated February 17, 1888 reported somewhat excitedly (and why not?

Rather, it appears that these series were probably being run in parallel.

One possible explanation is that the prefix was used to designate the market that the razor was destined for (E for England, F for France, G for Germany, etc.).

Even as jobs become harder to find, too many job-seekers rely on a tunnel-vision strategy that makes use of only one or two job-search methods.

That strategy may eventually land you a job, but it's likely you'll spend more time being frustrated than interviewed.

So in 1888, shortly after Queen Victoria had celebrated her Golden Jubilee the previous year, Harlesden acquired a tasteful, commemorative clock tower. This column also formerly supported four large lamplights powered by gas. ): 'The memorial has greatly pleased the committee and residents'.

Features of the clock include four faces each topped by a Neoclassical pediment. In 1997 the structure was restored and is today a well maintained working device and historic landmark.

During this time it appears that the company used several different serial number prefixes.

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