Php script form dating cousins dating first cousins

If you give it a date and time (in almost any standard format), it will display the timestamp.

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Dating and matchmaking websites are on the increase.

For Dating Clone, apart from the default revenue model, you may also want to consider banner advertisements, membership plans or commission based revenue module integration to maximize your profits.

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The advantageous Five Different Search Module is a functionality, which you could rarely see in this Cost Category.You can become the owner of your own dating website without having any programming skills.All the technical stuff will be taken care of for you.This date Diff() function can take in just about any timestamp, including UNIX timestamps and anything that is accepted by strtotime().It returns an array with the ability to split the result a couple different ways.This script with its flexibility could turn out to be a real money-spinner for you. Just Pick up the phone and dial our number, we are here to assist you in your quest.

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