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Note that this will return the original properties that were submitted when the dataset was created or updated.You can use these properties to create a clone of the dataset, or as a basis for updating some properties of this dataset without modifying the remaining properties.

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I did not try to determine which view/dataset was the original, official one, but I did separate them based on their , which links all of the different views that use the same data.

Because I didn't figure out which view is the original one for each table, I can't tell you things like the name of the original dataset. Most importantly, this manner of removing duplicates doesn't hinder my approach for determining updatedness.

via the web form when creating or updating a dataset, or posted to an API end point) are validated against a schema.

For each parameter, the schema will contain a corresponding list of functions that will be run against the value of the parameter.

Your dataset’s name is most important to get right.

Otherwise users will not be able to find it or not understand what it is in the search results, whether they are using Google or uk’s own search.

You can’t edit the URL once the dataset has been published.

When you create a dataset, a URL for your dataset will be created from the name that you enter.

Including the name of your organisation in the title is an easy way to make it unique.

When you edit a dataset, the URL will not be editable.

It turns out that I used the wrong date field from the Socrata API (it took three months for anyone to notice), so this article says pretty much nothing about updatedness.

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