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But Thomas Wright’s lively little book on Harvey’s revolutionary idea is a panegyric to the man’s whirring mind, and to the excitements of thinking more generally.

Born in 1578 into a long line of prosperous Kent sheep farmers, Harvey was a member of the yeoman class from which it was possible for a hard-working and talented youth to rise to gentlemanly status.

That mechanistic concept refocused thought so that Descartes could formulate his theory of a clockwork universe, while Thomas Hobbes (a friend of Harvey) could propose that monarchy was an artificial device rather than ordained by God.

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How anyone recovered from serious illness in the 1600s is beyond me.

According to Thomas Wright, diagnosis consisted of urine-sniffing and treatments included leeching, belly rubs and (most useless of all) abstinence from alcohol.

This article describes a reject-replace process in which Harvey used both purpose (defined as God's design and intentions) and reasoned anomalies (defined as interpreting phenomena so they contribute to rejecting a received view). This article presents evidence that the discovery process began before 1617.

Subsequently, Harvey developed his full hypothesis by 1619 since he wrote in 1628 that he had confirmed it "nine years and more" earlier, Harvey's methodology involved purpose, a great deal of practical experience, reasoned anomalies, and paradigms.

He thought the body contained two vascular systems: the purple blood of the veins originated in the liver and the crimson blood of the arteries began at the heart.

The hot, Galenic heart operated like a set of bellows which drew “vital spirit” and cooling air from the lungs.

Although nothing is known of his rural childhood, Wright imagines the boy gazing intently at spiders, measuring the tongues of dogs and fascinated by copulating animals, noting them “crestfallen” and “pin-buttockt’d” after the event.

He must have excelled at school as, aged 15, he became the first of the Folkestone Harveys to attend university.

William Harvey (1578-1657), the subject of Wright's book, was responsible for helping to bring about a world in which these so-called cures would be exposed as quackery.

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