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Sometimes these tears are extensive and span half the circumference of the penis (usually the tears are crosswise), requiring about 10 stitches. The operation takes about an hour, and most people go home right after.Most can resume sex in about a month (after the wound has healed). There are probably some cases in which you can get away with not operating on it but, in general, you will be more likely to have future complications.Perhaps because of this, some hoteliers were early activists in the anti-trafficking cause, including Marilyn Carlson Nelson, the former chairman of the chain (which owns a bunch of hotels including the Park Plaza, Country Inns and Suites and all the different types of Radisson).

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But Proctor is glad to hear that his client didn’t even try to fight back: That jives with the picture they’re trying to paint of him, one of a harmless businessman incapable of murder.

Or, as the lawyer so eloquently puts it, “Shivving a motherf–ker is not going to help you beat this case.

Neighbors tend to take a dim view of brothels and report them to the authorities.

"It happens in hotels that are five star hotels and it happens in the sleaziest, slummiest rent by the hour hotels," says Tammy Lee Stanoch, VP of corporate affairs for Carlson.

bloggers around the globe have been buzzing about a bizarre and horrifying condition called "broken penis syndrome".

For those who didn't catch last night's hot and steamy love scene between Sloan (played by actor Eric Dane) and "intern" Lexie Grey (Chyler Leigh), be advised: it ended painfully—very painfully.

The Kiss Cam has been a reliable downtime distraction at sporting events for decades.

To celebrate Valentine's Day 2017, the Ad Council has turned the gimmick into a celebration of unbiased love for the third chapter of its award-winning "Love Has No Labels" campaign, created by R/GA.

The first couple, a man and a woman, turns out to be a ruse: the man turns and kisses the man to his right, and the crowd cheers.

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