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', to which the creepy man replied, 'She's certainly dressed the part.'After expressing his interest in the blonde, Nathan winked and told his friend it 'wasn't the right time', adding 'I promise you - when she's ready, you'll be the first to know.'When naive Bethany enthused how nice his friends were, Nathan replied, 'Trust me, they'll love you when they get to know you.'Fans of the ITV soap took to social media in their droves to express their horror at 'creepy' storyline.

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The NY Times is in desperation mode, trying to destroy Donald Trump for their “Dear Leader” Hillary Clinton.

They’re creating fake “hit pieces” on Trump, and their hoaxes are falling apart at the seams.

Viewers took to social media to express their disgust at the 'uncomfortable' scenes, with some questioning whether they should have been aired pre-watershed.

Uncomfortable viewing: Coronation Street's ongoing grooming storyline took a turn for the worse on Wednesday night when 'creepy' Nathan (Christopher Harper) seemingly pimped out schoolgirl Bethany Platt (Lucy Fallon) to his male friends Nathan asked his friend, 'You having a good time?

When I tell her that after Alexandra won, the envelopes containing the judges’ predictions were opened and that Simon Cowell had predicted she, Rachel, would win, she says, ‘Yeah, well, it didn’t go that way. I know I am a good singer.’During the show, the tabloids enjoyed a field day with her past and private life.

‘When you become the next Beyoncé, people want to know about your personal life,’ she says.And we would probably continue to break down and eat cake, because it would always be there. Guys can never get a break from it, even if they’re trying to see past all the bodies to find the smiles and personalities within the girls. If you’re like me, it might be a little disappointing.You also might have to save a little more babysitting money to buy a cute (yes, cute ones do exist) tankini or one piece.winner, Alexandra Burke, she sounds humble: ‘She played the game well, she sang her cotton socks off.’ On the other, she is tough and ambitious: ‘I know I have a great voice.When I made my own song choices early in the auditioning process, you lot loved me,’ she says, talking of the voting public.According to friends and family fake Trump accuser, Rachel Crooks is lying.

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