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They just have good feelings toward each other." The rep added, "They became close as juniors and seniors from the same school, and that′s how they became more friendly on set."As Oh Yeon Seo currently appears on We Got Married as MBLAQ Lee Joon′s virtual wife, whether she will be leaving the show now that the couple′s ′reality′ has been shattered has been drawing much interest. The Hwayobi and Sleepy couple announced after Hwayobi left We Got Married that they were a couple, but still they were embroiled in controversy over Hwayobi′s ′sincerity′ toward the show and her virtual husband Hwanhee.

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Hwayobi’s talent earned her awards for Best Female R&B artist and Best Female Ballad Singer from the Korean Entertainment Art Awards in 20.

Having been in the industry since her debut in 2000, she has over ten albums, some in Japanese.

Esperemos que su carrera actoral no se vea afectada.

Nos Hemos Casado es un popular reality show surcoreano de la MBC que empezó a emitirse en el 2008.

Her appearance on the variety show We Got Married in 2008 helped boost her popularity among the Korean public, and she has most recently been featured on Immortal Songs: Singing the Legend.

The aftermath of the birth of the new Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Jang Woo has been washing onto MBC We Got Married′s shores.

Apartir del episodio treinta sale definitivamente Lee Hyuk Jae y luego, después del capítulo treinta y seis el programa se prepara para un nuevo formato por varias razones que incluyen: recortes de presupuesto, salida minimizada de MC's como interacción del estudio.

, stylized as SPICA) was a South Korean girl group formed in 2012 under B2M Entertainment.

Hasta ese momento, se especulaba que se trataba del actor Seo Ha Joon quien se volviera muy popular por su actuación en dramas recientes.

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