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If you want to know the answer of this exciting question that who is Emily Osment currently dating 2015 and if you also want to know about the name of the Emily Osment Boyfriend then we will be telling you all these private details, catch up with the below written details: Oct 2013.

James Richard “Jimmy” Tatro was born on February 16, 1992, he is an American actor, he is a writer, comedian.

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He is the star of the You Tube channel that has approximately 2.31 million subscribers and it has 247.2 million video views. Now, you know about the Emily Osment Boyfriend name!

You can say that it has been almost 2 years that this American actress, singer has been in a relationship with her, we will let you know if we have some more gossip about this couple so stay tuned!

TEEN: What's the funniest thing that's ever happened when you two were together? C.: We find it hilarious to make fun of each other and make ourselves do the dumbest things possible because, again, with sisters that's kind of your goal. I just gave Emily one that says, "Cancel my subscription, I'm tired of your issues." So that's the thing that we're doing.

C.: As soon as she walked out of the room I said, "Mom, she's so tiny! I'm like 5'4, so I'm not that tall, but she was itty-bitty. So you fill in how long it's been since you fought and then you check Yo Momma this and that.

Emily's first involvement is showbiz started since she was just 6 years old.

From doing a commercial for flower delivery company, she moved to bigger projects and got her acting debut in 1999 movie "The Secret Life of Girls", playing alongside Eugene Levy and Linda Hamilton.

Jodi's AA sponsor Christy Plunkett (played by lead actress Anna Faris) learned that the 19-year-old recovering addict had passed when she received a phone call from the police after a wedding ceremony.'It was made more difficult when the time came because we all fell in love with Emily, but the idea was all along to keep the show with at least one foot in the real world, where these things happen,' he said.'I did watch quite a few documentaries for the body language and the characteristics of someone that's either on meth currently - which I am on [meth in] the first scene of the first episode - and then when they're recovering and coming down.'You just learn a lot about what that stuff can do to your body, especially when you’re trying to get off it.

, in Los Angeles, California, the United States of America to Theresa Osment, an English teacher, and actor Michael Eugene Osment.

Osment's debut album, Fight or Flight was released on October 5, 2010 via Wind-up Records.

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