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becoming more connected to myself." The actor shares two sons with first wife Margaret Kelly and four with second wife Jennifer Butler.

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"I just stumbled out of my Ford Focus in these mules,” says Jenny Lewis, pointing to her purple-bowed footwear.

Settling into an airy cafe near her Laurel Canyon home in Los Angeles, the one-time child actor who turned indie rock “It” girl evokes a glam version of ’s Elaine: retro shades, straw boater, Pippi Longstocking braids, slinky dress.

I played drums with her over the years, but had never really done a project with her.

Sources called the musician Murray's "special friend" to Page Six, which referred to Lewis as the actor's "yo unger love interest" in the report.

“I recently directed my first video for [the single] ‘Just One of the Guys.’ That couldn’t have happened in Rilo Kiley -- everyone would be like, ‘We want to direct, too!

’ ” What shares with the rest of Lewis’ discography is its combination of catchy pop with soul searching.

"It's a reality."The band's new debut, Nice as F*#k, offers a compellingly stripped-down sound, often featuring nothing more than Forster's minimal bass lines, Thomas' driving drums and Lewis' soulful vocals. The trio spoke to RS about how the Occupy movement inspired them, their love of playing on venue floors and the advantages of being an all-female band. Forster: I knew Jenny when the Like opened for Rilo Kiley.

Jenny was always our hero and always so sweet and kind.

An anonymous insider subsequently told Nylon magazine the pair are "just friends and musical collaborators." Lewis is reportedly still dating her longtime boyfriend and Jenny and Johnny bandmate, Johnathan Rice.

"I don't think I'm lonely," Murray said of single life to Howard Stern last year.

Politics are a key part of the band's ethos (NAF's first show was at a Bernie Sanders rally), but friendship, feminism and NYC dating blunders also inspire their songs.

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